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Welcome to one of the World’s Most Exclusive NFT Collections.

We are not the usual Utility NFT, we are the World 1st Five Stars Resort that is offering a Life Time VIP Membership with Real benefits. We are also creating the concept of Stable NFT by baking up our Collection with Real Property and offering Buy Back. We are the 1st NFT Collection to offer a $1 Million Prize to our Lord Dracula, the 1st NFT Collection Lottery that will make one of our Members a Millionaire.

Please have the patience to read the full Whitepaper as it includes all the necessary details to have a perfect understanding of our concept and also what your Real benefits will be once you will join our Exclusive Community.

The Concept

Our Founder has decided to build one of the finest Five Stars Resorts right next to the most Famous Castle on the Planet, the real Lord Dracula Castle, the Bran Castle, in the heart of Transylvania. It is no secret that the Bran Castle is second among the most expensive properties in the world, with an estimated value of 140 million dollars according to Forbes magazine, but don’t just take our word for it, please ask Google by clicking here. That makes the land next to it extremely valuable.

We first had to find the physical land that had the right surface and size to accommodate the Five Stars Resort. After buying the 118 403 square foot (11 000 square meters) land property, our architect’s team started the building plan of Dracula’s Land Five Stars Resort. It was at that point that our founder decide to unite the world of Crypto NFT’s with the value of a real estate and Hi-End Investments.

The building plan consists of 40 independent A-shaped houses, a Lounge Club that can accommodate 300 people, a playground, and a large camp fireplace.

By building 40 houses we can offer 40 independent accommodation at the same time. The perfect time period that a visitor can spend is 1 week. Out of the 365 days of an year , we get 52 full weeks. If we multiply the accommodation capacity with the number of weeks/ year , we will get a maximum of 2080 slots available. 

We already have a community of members consisting of International Super Stars (Hollywood is no stranger for us since Lord Dracula has been on the big screens for decades), Royal Families Members and very successful Entrepreneurs. We will not disclose our member’s identity or use it for advertising, we want to keep our community as low profile as possible and you will benefit from the same secrecy. 

Since we are launching the Collection this year (2022), we have decided to offer a maximum of 2022 VIP Memberships for Life. With the help of the Crypto NFT world, the VIP Membership is now an asset that can be held, exploited, or traded (each option will bring benefits as we will describe later in our Whitepaper).

That is how the number 2022 has been set as the maximum NFT’s that will ever be sold as VIP Membership for Dracula’s Land Five Stars Resort.

We know that the more benefits, the better, that is why we have decided to include a $ 1 Million Lottery. After the last NFT will be sold, in 48 hours we will organize the Lord Dracula Lottery. Out of the 2022 NFT’s we will use an audited random number generator to determine the winner of the Lord Dracula Title and $1 Million in ETH.

We think that our Concept is Unique at all levels and that we are bringing true Benefits to our Community. We are pioneers of the next generation of NFT’s that is setting new standards in the industry.

The Utility and Benefits

1 – Backed By Real Property

As we have previously stated, we own 118 403 square feet (11 000 square meters) of real land right next door to the Brand Castle.

By dividing 118 403 square feet (11 000 square meters) to the total number of 2022 in the collection, each NFT is correspondent to 58.56 square feet (5.44 square meters) of real land in the same village as the Bran Castle, right in the heart of Transylvania, Romania.

By building Dracula’s Land 5 Stars NFT Resort, the market value of the property will exceed the total value of the NFT Collection at least 3 times.

Owning one NFT is the equivalent of owning 1/2022 of the property and of the business itself. You can consider that one NFT is equal to 1 share of the business that is owning and running Dracula’s Land 5 Star Resort.

This is why our NFT will not drop in value, it will only increase.


2 – Vip Membership For Life

Each NFT is the equivalent of a Lifetime VIP Membership.

Owning one of our NFT’s will grant you access to a week of accommodation in one of our A-shape houses, each year, for as long as you hold the NFT.

Each A-shape house can accommodate up to 4 adults in full comfort. You have the right to bring up to 3 more guests, at no extra cost. Exceptions can be made with children under the age of 14, meaning that you can bring up to 5 more guests. Please contact us before booking your reservation to establish if you can accommodate all of your guests.

The accommodation will be All-Inclusive for all guests, for one week, each year.

The All-Inclusive will grant you and your guests access to free Breakfast and the Resort Pool and activities for all 7 days, also it will keep you a table for Friday and Saturday Club Nights with a set of drinks included.

We will not associate our VIP NFT Membership with a single individual, meaning that you can book a reservation for your friends, family, employees, or other individuals that you wish. The NFT will provide the benefits for its holder, regardless if he or she will not visit in person.

All reservations will be made using our Website Version 2.0 (we need all blockchain metadata before we can activate it). The V2.0 will have a connect wallet function that will identify your NFT’s and grant you access to your VIP Membership benefits. Each NFT will have its own benefits, regardless if you will hold one NFT or multiple NFT’s.

In order to prevent periods of saturation, we will allow all our VIP Members to book their visits based on the “first-in, first-served ” principle. Reservation will start 1 year ahead of the visit and there will be a limit of a minimum of 6 months ahead of the visit. 

Visiting reservations are final and can not be canceled. Please make sure you are happy with the time period you will select to visit us.  

Each reservation will start from Monday at 4 PM Romania Local Time and will end next Monday at 11 AM. 

The NFT reservation capability will start on 01 January 2023 and will reset, if used, in January next year.

Selling your NFT back to us or to any 3’rd party will cancel your VIP Member benefits.

When buying one or more of our NFT’s you gain access to our VIP Member benefits for as long as you are the owner.

3 – 10% Passive Income / Year


Each NFT is eligible for a 10% annual compensation, as long as it has not been used for visiting Dracula’s Land 5 Stars Resort for that specific year.

If any NFT holder decides not to visit for a year, they will receive a  10% compensation.

When an NFT is first sold, we lock the ETHUSD exchange rate from Binance and we store that value in USD as the true fiat value of that NFT. Each year we will pay a 10% compensation from the initial true fiat value for all NFT’s that have not been used to book a visit for that specific year.

All NFTs will become eligible for the compensation after 1 year from their initial purchase date. The 10% will be paid in ETH or BTC and we may add more options in the future.

In Version 2.0 of our website, you will be able to see when your NFT is eligible to claim your 10% compensation and what is the initial true fiat value of that NFT. The initial true fiat value will be different from one NFT to another due to the ETHUSD Binance exchange rate of the date of purchase, so will be the 10% compensation value. The initial true fiat value will never change and will be permanent for all NFT’s, and so will be the compensation value of 10%. The value of the compensation in ETH or BTC will always vary in accordance with the Binance exchange rate of the day when the 10% reward will be claimed. You will have to input your wallet address to claim your compensation. We are not responsible for any address mistakes or losses, it is your responsibility. 

Selling your NFT back to us or to any 3’rd party will cancel your eligibility for the 10% compensation.

When buying one or more of our NFT’s you become eligible for the 10% compensation for as long as you are the owner.

If the compensation is not claimed, it will not be lost. The NFT will hold and transfer its right for compensation, even the ones that have not been claimed. The value of the compensation will be at a fixed USD rate that is determined by the initial true fiat value of the NFT.


4 – 110 % Buy Back After 1 Year From The Initial Date Of Purchase

After 1 year from the initial date of purchase, all NFTs in the Dracula’s Land Collection are eligible for BUY BACK.

The first time that a NFT is sold for ETH, we lock the ETHUSD Binance exchange rate and we allocate that exact USD fiat value to the NFT.  

If any of the future holders decide that they will what to sell the NFT back to us we will add 10% over the initial true fiat value, and convert it to ETH using the Binance ETHUSD exchange rate on that specific day and pay for the NFT.

You can sell the NFT’s that you own on any market, but to make sure that our NFT’s will never drop in price under the initial USD true fiat value, we will always offer to buy them back with a 10% interest.

After buying back the NFT’s, we will list them for sale at the same price as the initial sale. Each time we resell our NFT’s we refresh its USD true fiat value to the exact value of resale due to ETHUSD exchange rate fluctuation. If you will buy from us, you will need to wait for 1 year to pass, and then you can sell it back to us for 110%. 

All 99 NFT’s included in the Pre-Launch Sale will be calculated at 2 x ETHUSD Binance Exchange rate of the day they will be sold for their true USD fiat value. 

The Pre-Launch Sale Price of 2.4 ETH will be valid ONLY on the 13 and 14 of July 2022. All unsold NFT’s will be sold at the full price starting on 15 July 2022.

On our Version 2.0 Website, you will have a Buy Back option that will show you if the NFT is eligible or not. You will also see the exact date when the NFT will be eligible for the Buy-Back. 

By buying back the NFT’s at a locked USD fiat rate, we are making sure that our Collection will never be undervalued and we are offering a Stable NFT for our VIP Members to hold. This is Unique to our Collection for now and we will do the same with all our future projects. We know that this is a extra benefit that brings stability to our Community from an investment perspective. We what to make sure that you will only have gains from being one of Dracula’s Land Family Members. 

Dracula’s Land 5 Stars NFT Resort is a Unique Investment approach that offers stability and comfort for its VIP Members.


5 – One Entry For The Lord Dracula $1 Million Lottery


We are offering our Exclusive Community a unique Lottery with a single prize of $1 Million.

When you are buying one of our NFT’s you will be automatically enrolled in The Lord Dracula $1 Million Lottery.

Each NFT has a number from 1 to 2022 and each NFT will provide one entry for the Lottery based on the number. Multiple NFT will provide multiple entries for the Lottery.

The Lord Dracula $1 Million Lottery will be organized 48 hours after the last NFT will be sold.

The winner will be randomly selected using an audited random number generator.

The winner will be declared our Community Lord Dracula and be paid $1 Million. The prize will be paid in ETH at the ETHUSD Binance exchange rate of the winning number extraction day. After becoming Lord Dracula and The Winner of $1 Million you will have 30 days to claim your prize. 

If the winning NFT has been lost or has been stolen or if the winner will not claim the prize, we will reorganize the Lottery. We will repeat the same process until the prize is paid and we have our Lord Dracula.

We understand that privacy is very important, we will only make public the winning NFT number, not your true identity unless you wish to become public. We will not ask or disclose any personal details. The winner will have to log in to our Version 2.0 Website and prove ownership of the winning NFT (a simple wallet connect) and provide a wallet address for the prize to be paid in. If you enter a not working wallet address or you lose access to it, it is not our responsibility. Once entered and confirmed the payout address can not be changed.

The winner will be announced on all our social media channels. After you confirm that you have the winning NFT please contact us if you have any questions.

We wish all our Community VIP Members the BEST OF LUCK!



6 – Unique Art Design

We are a team of True Blood Descendants of Lord Dracula and we wanted to keep everything authentic, that is why we have selected one of our Country’s Veterans in Digital Art. 

Dan Bar is the founder of Digital Genetics. You can find his work on TOP international Websites (like Shutterstock). He is a 2D and 3D artist with over 20 years of experience.

Our NFT Collection is a product of its vision. All imagines are Unique GIF’s , an artistic representation of a very exclusive piece of land with a Unique Castle and a Unique Legend related to it.

We are proud to have the element of True Art added to our Benefits! 


The Business Model

Dracula’s Land 5 Stars Exclusive NFT Resort is a real business that will be built as a real accommodation Resort.

We are not building a Thematic Resort, we will only use small touches in the design since the Real Lord Dracula Castle is right next door and all the real thrills are already in place. We will focus more on comfort and let the surroundings do the rest.

We are located in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, that is why we have decided to build independent A-shape Houses. They are the perfect blend of luxury and utility for a mountain location.

We will build 40 independent A-Shape houses. Each will have a cozy, yet spacious Livingroom with a nice fireplace and 60-inch TV, an open space Kitchen with everything that is needed, 2 Bedrooms with TVs, 2  Bathrooms, and a hot Jacuzzi that will be placed on a closed terrace, so that you can open it during winter and experience a hot bath while outside is snowing. You will of course have WIFI and Netflix.

Each house can accommodate up to 4 adults in maximum comfort.

We will also build a fabulous Lounge Club that can accommodate up to 300 people, a very nice pool, a campfire place, and a playground for our younger ones.

The Lounge Club will serve as a restaurant, but it will also host Club Parties on Fridays and Saturdays. We are partnering with one of our Top National Brands in the Lounge Club sector to ensure the next-level experience for our VIP Members.

Be prepared always to want to come back, we are building everything in that way.


How it all works?

Our VIP Membership is similar to being a shareholder of our Resort. 

We, as a business, will offer our services primarily to our VIP Members. Apart from that, all periods that will not be booked by the Community Members will be rented to the General International and National Audience. In that way, we will generate income that will be used to support the Lifetime VIP Memberships, 10% passive income, and Buy-Back.

Our Business Model is truly functional and it has been used before in different Communities.

As a conclusion, we offer an Ultra Unique Elite NFT that can not be replaced or copied.

You now have the chance to be a part of The Legend, Lord Dracula’s Legend!

So, what are you waiting for?

Welcome to our Ultra Exclusive Family, welcome to Dracula’s Family !!!

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