Dracula’s  Land  NFT  Collection

The World’s First Utility NFT Backed by a Real 5 Stars Private Resort located right next door to the real Lord’s Dracula Castle, in the heart of Transylvania, Romania. 

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Dracula’s Land Junior NFTs Collection

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The Dracula’s Land Junior NFTs Collection has been designed to make our VIP Membership extremely accessible! 

We have also added a tone more prizes for the holders:
1 x $1 Million in ETH(not the same as the Lord Dracula Lottery)

1 x $ 500.000 in ETH

7 x Lamborghini Urus (1 for each NFTs batch)

2002 x Dracula’s Land NFTs with a floor price of 4.8 ETH(286 for each NFTs batch)

…and many more


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Welcome to One of the world’s most exclusive Utility nFT Community

According to US Forbes magazine, Bran Castle, the Real Lord Dracula Castle, is on the second place among the most expensive properties in the world, with an estimated value of 140 million dollars, but don’t take our word for it, please ask Google here. That makes the land next to it extremely valuable. 

It all started out with us owning 118403 square feet (11000 square meters) of land, right next door to the Bran Castle, the real Castle of Lord Dracula in the heart of Transylvania, Romania and a 5 Star Resort Building Plan. The project includes 40 independent A- Shape houses and a Fabulous Lounge Club with a very nice pool. Since the Crypto World in making its way into our lives, we have decided to turn everything into a Highly Exclusive Resort that can accommodate our NFTs Community Members. This is how an innovative Utility NFT Community has been born in the very same place that Lord’s Dracula Legend was born.

Our collection is limited to 2022 NFTs ONLY. Each NFT is a unique GIF image.

Our Community includes International Super Stars, Royal Families Members, very successful Entrepreneurs, and many more. Make sure you do not miss out on becoming one of our VIP Members. We welcome you into Dracula’s Family!


Dracula’s Land NFT
Utility and Benefits

Backed by real Property

All our NFTs are correspondent to 58.56 square feet (5.44 square meters) of real land in the same village as the Bran Castle, the real Lord Dracula Castle, right in the heart of Transylvania, Romania.
Owning one of our NFTs is the exact equivalent of co-owning a luxury vacation A-Shape house in a very exotic place, on an Ultra Exclusive 5 Stars Resort. The advantage is that you do not need to pay for maintenance, state taxes, or anything at all, even more than that, you get paid when you are not using it. This is the ideal way of owning property and we are here to provide it to you.

vip membership for life

All NFT holders will be VIP Members for Life and will have the right to visit our Exclusive 5 Stars Resort for 1 week each year. Accommodation will be at no cost and All-Inclusive. Each A-shape house can accommodate up to 4 adults and the All-Inclusive will be for all visitors (as a VIP member you will be allowed to visit with the family, friends, or whoever you wish).
All NFTs holders can book their yearly visit and offer it to friends or family.

10% passive income / year

If any NFT holder decides not to visit for a year, they will receive a 10% passive income. The 10% will be calculated at the first acquisition value in fiat (the Binance exchange rate of ETHUSD of the day that an NFT was first purchased from us) and paid in ETH or BTC .

110 % buy back after 1 year from the initial date of purchase

All NFTs are eligible for BUY BACK, after 1 year from the initial date of purchase. If any member wishes to sell the NFT back to us, we will offer to buy back at a rate of 110% ( the buy back will be offered at the ETHUSD Binance exchange rate on the initially purchased date +10% and paid in ETH ). By offering buyback, we will make sure that our NFTs Collection markets value will never go under the initial purchase fiat value, this again will make our NFTs very stable and safe.

One entry for the lord dracula $1 Million lottery

Each NFT will also give the owner one entry for the $1 Million Lord  Dracula Lottery (after the last NFT will be sold, in 48 hours we will organize the Lord Dracula Lottery with a single price of 1 Million $ ; the winner will be randomly selected based on the NFT number and will be declared our Lord Dracula; the prize will be paid in ETH at the ETHUSD Binance exchange rate of that day).

Unique art design

All our NFTs are unique GIF images made by Dan Bar, the founder of Digital Genetics, a 2D and 3D artist with over 20 years of experience. We also have the element of True Art added to our benefits. 

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Dracula’s Land
The Place were the Legend was born

There are many special places on the Planet and Dracula’s Home Land is one of them. By becoming one of our VIP Members, you will not only be part of a Very Exclusive Community, but you will also be one of the few people that will have an out-of-the-ordinary story to tell. You will have a unique experience by visiting the place where the Lord’s Dracula Legend was born, not a Disneyland copy, the one and only place where it all started. 

All our NFTs are backed by a Real 5 Star Resort that owns real property and operates as Real Business. The initial NFT price is backed by the value of the land itself. By building the 5 Star Dracula’s Land Resort, the value of the property will triple, as per the real estate market.

Since we have a very limited number of NFTs and since they provide access to one of the Most Exclusive Places on the Planet, we expect our NFTs to become very desirable and extremely valuable since they are truly irreplaceable and uncopiable at all levels.

Become a VIP Member for Life

Our Floor Price is 4.8 ETH

Visit our Exclusive NFT’s Collection on Opensea. Join the Dracula’s Family !

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Total NFT’s Supply


Road Map

Phase 1

January – March 2022
Acquisition of the land property in Bran
Development of the 5 Stars Resort Building plan

Phase 2

March – May 2022
Obtaining the Building Permit for the 5 Stars Resort
Business Plan development
NFT Collection Creation

Phase 3

May – 15 July 2022
Website version 1.00 Creation
Advertising the project
NFT Collection Drop

Phase 4

15 July – 30 September 2022
NFT Collection Selling
Start construction works of the Dracula’s Land 5 Star Resort

Phase 5

30 September 2022 – March 2024
Website version 2.0 with Wallet Connect, Reservation/Claim Reward and Buy Back functions active
Completion of construction works for the Dracula’s Land 5 Star Resort and Grand Opening

Dracula’s Land Five Stars Resort

We are located in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, that is why we have decided to build independent A-shape Houses. They are the perfect blend of luxury and utility for a mountain location.

We will build 40 independent houses. Each will have a cozy, yet spacious Livingroom, open space Kitchen, 2 Bedrooms, 2  Bathrooms, and a hot Jacuzzi.

Each house can accommodate up to 4 adults in maximum comfort.

 We are not building a Thematic Resort, we will only use small touches in the design since the Real Lord Dracula Castle is right next door and all the real thrills are already in place. We will focus more on comfort and let the surroundings do the rest.

We will also build a fabulous Lounge Club that can accommodate up to 300 people, a very nice pool, a campfire place, and a playground for our younger ones.

The Lounge Club will serve as a restaurant, but it will also host Club Parties on Fridays and Saturdays. We are partnering with one of our Top National Brands in the Lounge Club sector to ensure the next-level experience for our VIP Members.

Be prepared always to want to come back, we are building everything in that way.   

Meet Our Team

In full we are well over the hundred, we leave the Hall of Fame to our Lead Team, the rest of us shall forever remain unknown heroes! 


Over 20 years of Entrepreneurship
Over 6 years of Real Estate Developing


NFT art Designer
Founder of Digital Genetics
Over 20 years of 2D and 3D art Design


Head Structure Engineer
Over 14 years of Experience


Head Architect
Over 12 years of Experience


Project Manager
Structure Engineer

Over 16 years of Experience